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I knew we had a great product with a potentially huge market in the tourism industry... but it was tapping into that market and giving the image of a unique & authentic Australian product that was the big issue for us. Before we just blended in with every other Aboriginal arts distributor.

Having New Leaf Design involved in our corporate identity has been a very important investment in the development of Dreamtime. I needed someone who could express some of the ideas I had and work it down on paper. I really enjoyed the artistic aspect in creating the Dreamtime logo -- unlike many designers, Greg went through numerous paper sketches which showed real artistic talent, before handing them over to be recreated on the computer. I believe that was what brought about the really authentic feel in the end result.

They went to no end of effort until we were completely satisfied with the our corporate identity. ..... we have continually used it and incorporated in every aspect of our branding....We have gone through approximately 150,000 labels for our souvenirs, and over 40,000 tags for didgeridoos, emu callers, & boomerangs.

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