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How much do you charge?

We would love to be able to give you a flat price rate, because we understand the frustration of not knowing how much a service is going to cost. However, every job is different and requires a different amount of work. For an accurate quote on how much your job will cost, please get in touch with us today. There’s no obligation.

Are there any hidden fees?

No. We will submit a free, fixed proposal to you – there are never any hidden fees.

What if I don’t like the logo design that you have come up with?

There are several stages of our logo design process, and you are an integral part of each of them – this means that you can offer feedback at any stage. Rest assured, we will keep working on your logo until you are 100% happy.

How long does it take to come up with designs?

From start to finish, the process will take between 2 – 4 weeks.

What is branding?

Branding refers to the total image and personality of your business that you want to project to your clients. It allows people to easily recognise you. For example, when you think of Cadbury, what do you think of? The colour purple? The cursive font? This is all part of Cadbury’s branding. Businesses of all shapes and sizes should have their own corporate identity because it helps to increase sales.

Why is it so important to get my branding right?

Using the wrong logo, images, colours and fonts can send the wrong message to your prospective customers. Your brand, when engineered correctly, helps to attract your ideal clients.

Why shouldn’t I just save money and design a logo for myself?

We have the proper tools, resources, skills and knowledge to create something that will help achieve your goals. A logo can easily send the wrong message, and even certain colours can turn away the very people you want to reach.

Also, you may not tap into all potential markets that you could reach. For example, if clients are predominantly ‘left-brained’, then it is very possible that your marketing can only attract a left-brained audience. This may sound nerdy or overly technical, but if it helps to increase your sales, then it’s highly relevant.

Is it true that even if my competitors have an inferior product or service that they may get more sales if their marketing strategy is better?

Yes! Regardless of how excellent your product or service is, if it’s not marketed in the most effective way, or your branding doesn’t match your goals, then your sales can definitely suffer.

I’ve never worked with a designer before. Will you help me through the process? I’m not sure I can convey what I want?

Absolutely! To begin with, you can check out our process. Or, simply give us a call and we can talk you through the process. We listen to you and we work as a team to deliver your requirements, so please don’t feel anxious about the process. We have been creating logos and design solutions for the people of Blacktown and surrounding areas for years, so even if you can’t convey your message, we know just the right questions to ask.

I’ve used a graphic designer before and they did a bad job. How do I know I won’t be wasting my money if I use your services?

It saddens us that people are stung by designers who do not deliver on what they promise. We are so certain that we can meet your high expectations because we do this time and time again for all our customers. Rest assured, we will exhaust every possibility in order to provide you with designs that you will love.

How are you different from other branding specialists and designers?

At New Leaf Design we do not just work with a graphic design program to create a picture, we first get a ‘picture’ of your entire business and then capture the essence of your vision to create customer-attracting designs.

We've worked with some amazing clients and achieved some great results. Why not have an obligation free chat with New Leaf Design today? You will benefit from our personalised service and up front costs.


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