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Lymington Group

.....Our new brand has given us a big push to move forward and get serious about dominating the defense force footwear industry. Having a professional image made us feel good about promoting our product and enabled us to move forward with confidence.

.... Since the creation of our new logo, our business has grown to produce nearly 1 million pairs of boots, and have moved from a small office at the back of the house to owning our own warehouse of 2320 square metres our biggest single investment. We are now an international company with several branches supplying our products to Papua New Guinea, Fiji, and New Zealand, and are getting demands from Bristol in England, Europe, and the United States.

We supply 90% of the noncombat footwear to the Australian Defense Force and are working toward becoming the preferred supplier of footwear for the Australian Fire Department. We have recently made a big investment in a dual-density rubber injection molding machine to manufacture footwear in house. I am thankful that New Leaf Design has set the tone for our company and given us ammunition to move forward. They brainstormed and gave us creative ideas for expanding Lymington we never thought of, and worked until we were completely satisfied. Our brand for Lymington and Fire Ant has remained current and up-to-date since it was first created. (in 2005)

Paul Woodward
Director of Lymington Group

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